Feeling Good

So I had a couple of runs that didn't feel so good. I definitely should get over that, because everything else really is working.

Friday morning at the pool I started my body balance progression. Balance in the water has always been my weak point, as my centre of gravity is a good distance away from my centre of buoyancy. That is my legs sink. After my warm up I swam a couple of 50ms using what has been termed swimming golf in which you add the number of strokes over 50m to the time it takes to swim. A lower score is related to better efficiency. I scored 94. Then it was into a 40 minute set of exercises of body positioning and balance drills using fins. It was surprisingly taxing, but the immediate results were fantastic. I repeated the swimming golf at the same effort level and scored 85. I'll have to see how long swim goes in a few days.

Saturday morning was a cycling strength session followed by a threshold run of 10min. The bike is what someone else has called a lactate stacker. It is (at this stage) 6x1 at close to maximal effort followed by 2 min of aerobic level riding all on the turbo trainer. It hurts and the legs are really burning by the last two repeats, then it is straight into a solid 10 minutes of running. Over the initial few hundred metres I didn't think I was capable of completing the run, but soon everything fell into place and I felt like I was flying. I finished with more energy than I started with, even though there was a fair degree of pain running through my legs.

This morning I'm feeling pretty good too. It's now time for my long run, today I think I'll split 50/50 between flats and hills by combining three of my older running routes. Should be fun, the weather its looking perfect.

"The horizon is out there somewhere, and you just keep chasing it, looking for it, and working for it." - Bob Dole


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