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Since I've been back running after dental surgery, there hasn't been any missed training. Aiming for a specific number of weekly kilometres is not in my plans. Instead I am still happy to follow the original design. Ensure the key runs are completed and fill the rest with either an aerobic conditioning run or a recovery run as needed. Doing this should see some reasonable mileage. So far so good. Last week had about 85km completed, and by the end of this weekend's half marathon I will likely have a little over 100km covered this week.

Right now I feel like have I regained any fitness lost from the missed days of last month. Maybe even gained something too. If anything, I am definitely back on track. Rediscovering the ability to chew food nearly properly has certainly helped my energy levels too.


In the last week I've completed my 400m time trial and MAF tests. The results were as expected and indicate I am where I should be.

The 400m time trial gave me 1:10.6.
This …

Rocket Science

To me it's simple. There is a basic formula to weight loss and maintaining a healthy physique. Unfortunately for so many people it actually involves a certain level of work and some self control. I am just getting a bit tired of hearing people complain about their weight issues while not working at it. If you are following something like Lite N Easy then don't eat a complete block of chocolate straight after the meal. If taking a medication that reduces fat absorption, then don't eat more fatty foods and complain about the toileting. If you have had gastric-banding then don't just take longer to eat the same amount of food and complain you don't feel well. If dieting then don't binge and tell people until you find someone to support the binge and you don't feel as bad.

Sounds harsh. I appreciate those on the receiving end of those comments probably wouldn't want to hear them. A lot of people get their back up when it's pointed out they aren't tak…

Coburg King & Queen of the North

It's fair to say the first part of Base training hasn't gone to plan. There have been three key spanners thrown into the training machine: a sinus infection; gastroenteritis and dental surgery surgery complicated with a resulting infection. The sinus infection left me able to complete the running assignments, but limited the additional work. The gastro and dental stuff combined for a total of 12 days of no training. I am still down 4kg in weight and still feel a bit drained, not to mention I am looking pretty thin. Not the good, athletic leanness that comes from solid training either.
For the last four days I have been back running. Keeping things around an aerobic conditioning intensity. The days brought 8, 8, 13 and 18km worth of running. Each had me feeling better, and I noticed my average pace picked up each day. Overall I am feeling a bit drained, but I believe that's now mainly a food intake issue. Keeping foods in soft form just makes eating such a chore. How…

Impaction and Division

Recovery from the dental surgery last week has taken longer than I was expecting or hoping for. After the follow up with the dentist today I was informed a small infection is what was responsible for the prolonged pain and lack of healing. Apparently it's a simple fix, and at least I'm already feeling a fair bit better. I'll have to keep an eye on the healing for longer now. Instead of about one week, I'll have some degree of a hole in my gums for a month.

All this fun has resulted in a week away from work and absolutely no training. With a reduced appetite, a lack of stimulation for the muscles and having any food I do consume coming in liquid form, I've dropped even more weight. I'm expecting to feel a lot better tomorrow morning. If I feel good enough I'll take an easy run before work and hopefully reignite the pilot light.

For the rest of the week I'll take each day as it comes. No point forcing myself through training, I'll let my body dictate wh…

On Racing

There is a predictable format to my training. Each cycle consists of four key sessions:

Long runMedium runIntenseSpeed
With the rest being either aerobic conditioning or recovery runs. The format applies throughout my build up all the way to the Melbourne Marathon. What makes up each of the four key sessions gradually changes throughout the build up. One important element I didn't list are the races I will compete in.

Why include racing?
I see racing as an essential piece of the puzzle. Racing provides a number of gains that simply can't be developed as well just on the training track. However, racing can be the undoing of a what was initially a good plan if not incorporated well.
The key reasons include races throughout the training cycle are:Enjoyment - it's easier when you enjoy what you're doingMental toughness - where you really learn how to push your limitsRacing fitness - can only truly be developed in racesFeedback - nothing like a true test of your training
Races pr…

Melted Ice Cream

I've was told to savor the feeling of fighting against the general anaesthetic. I have absolutely no memory of it going in. Last thing I remember was the IV cannula being inserted and taped down. Nothing until after the surgery. I was also told to savor the feeling of coming out the anaesthetic as well. Nothing fun about nausea and not feeling in control in my book.

With a numb mouth, my first attempt at drinking orange juice was only partially successful. The nurse offered me a variety of flavours for my ice cream. Not much point in the variety since I still couldn't taste anything.

This morning I discovered the numbness was a really good thing. It meant no pain. The good thing is the analgesics I have been given work well. I'll let my body do its healing thing a bit more before getting into training.

Great Train Race

The race against the old steam train Puffing Billy is definitely up there in my all time favourites. A brilliantly hard course, obscure distance (13.2km), fantastic scenery, a unique atmosphere with the sounds of the train and just some sections of stupidly fast running.

Since I am now focusing on running, and don't have recovery from an Ironman in the way, I thought I would take the opportunity to head back into the hills. My last run against the train was in 2006 and I may have had four other previous goes too. Times have always been somewhere in the vicinity of 52-54min, with the train travelling 53-55min most times. Each time I have always beaten the old steam engine.

My approach this year was a bit different than in the past. No taper, or specific training this time. Instead I trained through, even after the recent hit of gastro and the previous sinus infection, I wasn't going to take the lead up days easy. Turning up on race morning, I feeling reasonably stiff and sore. De…