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Next Round

With a week of not much running post 49km of the Surfcoast Century I feel somewhat rested and ready to start my next training plan. There are still a few concerns following on from the hamstring, but it's at a level that can be dealt with as part of training. The next phase will focus on the basics and what I know works for me.

What works?

First up is having enough time to build up. I am targeting the Two Bays Trail 56km in January which gives me a bit more than 3 months to prepare. Next on the list is a gradual progression with in built recovery. Finally is to focus on the blue collar training.

The result is the following weekly template. Importantly my week is usually a 9 day affair, but every now and then may be 7 or 8 days, usually depending on my work roster.

Easy 60minEasy 40-50min + hill sprintsThreshold run 10-26kmEasy 60min  +  Weights (basic)Easy 40-50min + hill sprintsLong 3:00-5:00Regeneration RegenerationHill reps   +  Weights (extended) The order of the above may vary…

Surfcoast Century 2014 - Relay - Race Report

Opting not to run the full 100km this year I was looking forward to covering one of the later sections of the course without a whole bunch of kilometres already in the legs. Then the plan changed. One member of team Bumdogs decided to go and break his foot before the race. Down to three runners, the solution was a reshuffling of who ran which leg, and I was the lucky winning the esteemed privilege of running two legs. What's an extra 21km?

Since I was coming off a rehabilitation program rather than race training, 21km was definitely a lot more. My focus changed from going out at a solid effort, to just taking it easy, enjoying the run and covering 49km without doing any harm to my hamstrings. A different style than my usual race approach. I was looking forward to soaking up the Surfcoast Century in a much more relaxed way. So those two legs were the first two. In a short description, leg 1 is 21km of mainly beach running, sand and some rocky sections. Leg 2 is 28km taking us up on…


One week out from this year's edition of the Surfcoast Century. This year I have elected to stay away from covering the full 100km. A decision I made before injury, but turns out it was an even better idea. Instead I am participating in a team of 4. I've scored the 3rd leg which is exactly the one I wanted. Being the longest at 28km with the biggest climbs and descents thrown in it is described as the crux of the course. I am looking forward to hitting this section with having 49km already in the legs. It will be great to attack the hills rather than trying to be efficient.

This race will also a test of my rehabilitation. I do not feel race fit. The training kilometres have been limited and I definitely haven't had any of the big sessions that give me confidence leading into event. Instead I've been working on strengthening and redeveloping my hamstrings, especially the proximal tendons. The training has involved almost daily strength work. Running has been a mixture o…