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Running In A Movie

Continuing with the holiday we ended up in Las Vegas. What happened here could  make for an interesting post, but it happened in Vegas and you know the rule. However we did venture out the Grand Canyon and since this is in another state it can be mentioned.
The Grand Canyon was definitely a highlight. We took in the Western Rim. To be cliché, words will never do it justice. There is a reason it is a Wonder of  the World. Made me wish I had the time join in on a run down below, but I'm not on that type of trip. With only having one day and the fact the temperature was sitting at 44 degrees Celcius we opted for some awesomeness. The combination of boat, canyon and helicopter delivered that and more.
Final destination was San Francisco. Turns out we didn't appreciate how good this joint is and only booked a short stint here. I was keen to hit those steep streets. On my radar were the Filbert St Steps. Touted as a street that was too steep for a paved road in one section. So on this…

Bloody Tourists

Onto the mainland of America and running just hasn't featured. I've discovered I'm almost impossible to understand over the phone in the USA if I talk normally. Face to face the Aussie accent seems to be a good source of friendly entertainment. I've refrained from talking about drop bears and seasonal work as a Koala Pusher.
In LA I didn't run, basically because I didn't feel like it. It seemed more of a chore than enjoyment. Instead I battled Transformers, wondered just how much concrete is used here, got some local background on some protests and rode some bikes along the beach with the family. Over to Anaheim and well, it was all about Disneyland and that other park next door. This was definitely good preparation for the ultra distance events. No running because 10 hours a day through these parks covers the leg work. Thongs (flip-flops to others) work the calves after this sort of timeframe. The Health app on the iPhone told me that's over 12km worth of wa…

Volcanic Activity

I don't tend to post much about individual runs unless it's a race. Every now and then a run is just so awesome it's good to relive it. My Diamond Head run is one of those. It may just be the fact I'm on an overseas holiday in Hawaii that I really enjoyed this run. There may also be a few other reasons.
After a few recommendations to head east out of Waikiki and do the Diamond Head walk into the volcanic crater, I thought this could make a for good run. Scanning the travel forums showed up plenty of non-runners saying you shouldn't run it. Main reasons seems to be it is hot and it is steep. Sounded like good reasons to run to me. Runners on the forums seemed to agree.
Waking with the sun I wasn't having any trouble with the time zone changes. Probably an advantage of shift work. The ball of fire in the sky already had a bit of kick to it. I do love summer. Plenty of people were out nice and early. A change from the quiet streets at home in the morning.
Having the …

Always Perfect Running Weather

It's winter down here and the wet, wind and cold has become the norm. Of course there is no such thing as bad weather for running. It's more about what you wear. The beanies, gloves and extra layers has taken over from just a singlet and shorts. Even rocking a bit of old triathlon nostalgia (to my wife's horror).
As perfect as the weather is down here, I think I'll go in search of more perfecter weather. Hawaii here I come. I'm chasing summer.