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Not much blogging, but plenty of running. I've been pretty happy with the training so far. I've been more consistent through the last two months than anytime over the previous year. There have been a few sessions that didn't go to plan. I've had to take an extra day easy every now and then. A little bit of mild illness cut down some kilometres. Yet it is all coming together.

The volume is creeping up, and I hope the 100km+ weeks become more of the norm. Also I am seeing some very distinct progress, both in the fast runs and the long runs. The fast repetitions for the 5000m are feeling more and more natural and I'm able to the hold the desired paces for longer. For the long run, while my paces aren't up where I really want them, there have been big improvements from run to run. The endurance threshold, or decoupling point is being pushed further with each run. If the improvement continues, even at a slower rate, I could just be where I want to be come the marath…

Soft Versus Smart

There are plenty of times when the plan on paper just doesn't become a reality. This week I was hoping to continue the trend from the previous week and hit over 100km. My end result was only 46km. Monday I had to drop my run due to a combination of a lack of sleep, due to a night repeatedly being woken by one of the kids, plus I felt like I fighting some form of illness off. I hoped that maybe I could play catch up with some of the kilometres later on.

One day down, a regeneration run highlighted my legs were still trashed from the 10km race on Sunday. Then I hit the track for a few 400m repeats, ending with a 200m near sprint. I was happy to put down some extra repeats, all at a faster a pace and feeling easier than the equivalent session a couple of weeks ago.

An easy follow up run and I then a sinus infection took hold. While I was able to get through the rest of activities in my life, a fever and a splitting headache meant I chose to skip two days of running to try and get som…