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The stupid season has been in full swing. Plenty of food and alcohol. There was even a reasonable dose of running thrown in there too. As has been the trend for the last month, I haven't exactly trained the house down. I haven't been a complete slacker either. That leaves me far from peak fitness, but probably have enough in the tank to get some good work done over the next couple of weeks to get something decent at the Two Bays Trail Run.

In the mean time I've scored a new toy. Lucky me. A Garmin Forerunner 210. Check out DC Rainmaker's in-depth review if you want to find out more. GPS data, pacing, heart rate and more ways available to me to analyse every run. For a geek like myself, that equals an extra element of fun beyond the running itself.

I've pretty much used heart rate monitors since I first decided to take running seriously back in 1999. Over those years I've measured courses in different ways. From using marked tracks, taking a car over a road cour…


The lack of posting is a reflection on the lack of focus on my running recently. After the lack of sleep catching up with me and some low grade sinus problems my body has been fighting I just haven't had a big drive to train hard. That doesn't mean I haven't been running. What did happen was that I haven't put in any hard sessions for a while and of note no real long runs. Plus there have been quite a few runs missed.

Whether all this has purely been a result of getting run down or not, I'm still not too sure. I'm sure just a lack of motivation has played a hand too. Still I am comfortable with all this. My mind and body now seem back on track, and I have put in three days of reasonable running. The enjoyment in the act of running has sparked back up and I am waking up early with energy.

What to do about training now?

My focus is for the Two Bays Trail 28km on the 13th of January in a few weeks. In the limited time left, training will be directed towards this r…