Nanna Nap Extended

I'm into my new roster and tonight is my first 14 hour night shift in a few months, so I need my sleep. I slept well last night and woke up with no alarm reasonably early this morning. After a coffee, feeding of the pets, gathering of my running gear (which included my first effort at mixing up some polyjoule), I headed out the door for another 2.5 hour run.

Since I was pretty sore yesterday and I'm running a half marathon in a few days time, I thought it best not do anything too hard terrain-wise, so limited myself to following the common creek and river trails. Turned out to be a good solid run, with a steady, but gradual increase in pace throughout with only a small amount of heart rate creep. It felt good and I didn't need to take any carbohydrate during the run, which I'm now consistently doing for this length of run. I downed the polyjoule at the end of the run, and found it to taste not too bad, even if it was bland. I think I may have found my cheap alternative to sports gels and drinks. I'll have to test this as I get into the longer sessions.

After some food and quick walk of the dog, I felt much tireder than I expected to be. I originally had planned on having a bit of a nanna nap (reference out to Miners on this one) followed by a swim before work. Instead it was more of a nanna sleep, just shy of four hours. I'll see how I pull up after tonight's shift before deciding how to rearrange my training. I do have to back it up tomorrow night as well.

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." - Leo Tolstoy


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