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The Next Big Thing

My running seems to be back on track. Some good training, some good racing and a lack of the problems that put an upper limit on what I could do over the last couple of years. Importantly, most of my runs just feel good. It's all natural again. Finally time to plan the next big event.

I think an 100km run fits the category of big. So that's what I've chosen. Throwing in enough time to prepare, sprinkling over some leave from work and an event that just makes me really, really want to race it. There's one that fits the bill quite nicely. That would be The Great Ocean Walk 100km.

The GOW100 has been on my radar for a few years. It was nearly my first 100km back in 2012, but I ended up choosing the Surfcoast Century instead. So why the GOW100?

It's an iconic race. It is grassroots and gets the basics right. Those basics are exceptional. The race covers the Great Ocean Walk trail from Apollo Bay to Port Campbell. This is definitely one of the most amazing and scenic pl…

Emergency Services Half Marathon 2016

Another longish drive out to Ballarat for another go at the Victorian Police and Emergency Services Games Half Marathon. As usual I found amusement in watching the temperature gauge in the car drop the further I got from home and the closer I got to the race. As an added bonus the wind was a strong and icy southerly. A little extra cold just for fun. I wore gloves for this one.

The half marathon is an initial 3.1km out-and-back kind of loop followed by three full laps of 6km around Lake Wendouree on the Steve Moneghetti Track. This is dead flat, has a bit of bitumen, but is mostly loose gravel. Looks quick on paper, but the gravel tends to suck just a little bit out of each toe off. It is a simple course and I quite enjoy it. This year the wind was up and looked like it was going to play a role.

At the start I only spotted one person I knew to be worried about, Clarkey. We've gone back and forth against each over the years. He commented that there's always someone extra fast h…

Emergency Services 10km Cross Country 2016

That time of year has come around again. Time for the Victorian Emergency Services Games. A chance to mix it up with the other services (because we can be a weird bunch), forget about work, have some fun, friendly and if wanted, some fierce competition. First event for me was the 10km cross country.

My fitness seemed reasonable going in. Originally I had planned to train through the race, but the week turned out to be an inadvertent taper. A lot of training was missed for a few reasons. The main one being sleep. Fifteen and fourteen hour back to back nights took their toll on me this time. So I turned up expecting to feel pretty fresh. Instead my legs felt quite flat and heavy, at least until the gun sounded. Then my legs just kicked straight into race mode.
There were some course changes this year. More country and less bike path, some extra hill and a bit less flat. I liked the difference. The field had plenty of new faces and missing some of the regulars so I had no idea how the ra…

Base Long Runs

Moving further through the base phase means the training is not just about getting ready for more training. It was nice back in the introductory phase when the long runs were almost hikes. Unfortunately, keeping things comfortable only gets you so far. The change over isn't cut and dry in that one day I am doing one thing, and the next day it's a complete change. The process is gradual and there is a lot of cross over. The start of my base phase will be fairly different to the end of it. It is the long run where these differences are showing up.

At this time my long runs are travelling at two levels. The longest in a continuation of what was achieved in the introductory phase. Where I go out on a good mix of terrain with plenty of hills. I reached 2.5 hours, but am adding 10-15 minutes every week or so if I feel its right to increase the length. The so, is because I never follow a traditional seven day week. The intensity is now no longer kept at super easy. Instead I am addin…