We have an Airedale Terrier. He is a very excitable, stubborn and crazy dog. I can't take him running, because his hips and knees aren't likely to hold up. He's already had a knee reconstruction to repair a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. Yes, that is the classic footy injury.

Recently, next door got a dog that decided to dig holes under the fence. This is something Axl hadn't yet worked out. But now he is onto to it, there doesn't seem to be much stopping him. Sadly next door's dog died unexpectedly, but had left its mark with a good sized hole under the fence. We decided to leave this hole for a couple of days, hoping that Axl would realise the dog was no longer next door, then he'd lose interest in trying to dig his way over.

Yesterday morning I got up and fed Axl, who I was happy to see was still in my yard and not the neighbour's. I wrote a quick post and headed out for my run. It wasn't the most enjoyable of runs. After only about ten minutes the thunderstorm hit, the lightening was cracking directly overhead and it felt like the ground shook a bit. Then it started hailing, not particularly big hail stones, but big enough to hurt. I got home, showered and ate some food and then got started onto the rest of the tiles. Giggles called from work asking if I had seen Axl.

"Not for a couple of hours, why?"
"I got a call from the pound saying they have him."

It looks like he had gotten into the neighbour's yard again and somehow out into the streets. He had been found down near the local train station. With the storm now over, he was probably having the time of his life. I called the pound to find out that they are only open for three hours each day in the morning, and it was now just past closing time. This meant he was to spend a whole night there. So this morning before work I attempted to make the fence dog proof (I think I achieved this, time will tell), and then headed off to the pound. On exiting my car I could clearly here Axl doing his familiar whine. Don't know if he recognised the sound of the car or he just didn't want to be locked up in a cage. A few papers and dollars later he was released and overly excited to be heading home.

Of course he went straight to the fence once back home.


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