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Tiger Snakes Suck

Over the years I've encountered plenty of snakes on the trails. Most of the time they move away, keeping their distance from the stomping human. Sometimes they just stay where they are and it's easy to move past them without a problem. Then back in December 2011, I ran into a tiger snake's personal space and it gave me a bite before making it's getaway. The details can be read in Snake Season. Since then I felt as though I've become more accepting of snakes in general and the small element of fear that often goes with a close encounter had dissipated. If anything that had been replaced by a newfound interest.

Now I've come to the conclusion I just don't like Tiger snakes. Why? To put it simply, they can just be aggressive. I know snake handlers/experts tend to disagree and claim everything is just defensive, but tiger snakes in my experience are the most likely to have a go.

I headed out for a hard run, 4x2000m intervals at about 10km race pacing over hilly…

Ready For The Next One?

Having the mindset to properly recovered and ready for the key training sessions seems to be working. Following a set of recent hill repeats, my left tibialis posterior has been protesting a lot with any running. It's something I've had a reasonable of trouble with in the past, and requires a little bit of prehab to keep it in check. This time, I pushed it further than it could handle. No real problem, its just meant I've had to keep running fairly easy for a few days and delay hitting a long paced run by a couple of days.
In previous years, I used to get quite concerned about missing or delaying the hard training sessions. This time I'm about as relaxed as I possibly can be about it. I now know I can't force my body into top shape. I need to provide the stimulus and recovery so it can adapt, but everything can only progress as fast as the weakest link allows. As usual the weakest link is the soft tissue. Will this tiny hold up work against me. Probably not by much…

Blue Collaring

No updates for a while. Basically it's because I've been busy training. No change to the program lately, just been a process in managing time to get the training in consistently. Which is what I have managed to achieve. As a result I haven't had the extra time available to update the blog.

As per my last post, the progression is continuing. My easy runs are all faster than a month ago, yet are still at the same heart rates. I've hit found the true threshold to how fast I can really hold for the long runs without making them a pure race effort. It's a speed I'm happy with, but really would like to improve in the next 3 weeks. As a result my paced long runs will take on more of a progression style. Starting out at a pace I know I can maintain for the full distance then stepping up the speed as the run progresses. That way I should hopefully by up to a sustained fast pace over 23km.

The 1000m intervals have improved substantially. Each session I gotten a little fa…