I'm really starting to get headaches if I'm without good coffee for too long. That's probably a cue to start rethinking my caffeine intake. With my first big race around the corner I'm probably going to have to cut down so I can actually get some performance benefits from my race day intake. I used to be a high responder to caffeine, but not lately. I've developed a tolerance which I think is progressing to a dependence. That said, I am writing this while drinking a long machiato.


  1. If you start becoming more tolerant to caffeine - I suggest you try the Starbucks Java Chip Brownie thingy - venti version. I find that when I have to pull all nighters, having that around 5-6AM really kicks me into overdrive. But then again, I don't drink coffee - so it probably wouldn't take much.

  2. I feel for you - I'm in the same spot with the caffeine. But that cup in your picture looks soooo good! (which confirms my addiction as well) Have you tried the Espresso Love Gu? Not the same thing as the real deal of course, but may give you the extra jolt needed during the race.

  3. LOL! Funny funny.

    My personal favorite drink of choice is an extra hot chai with skim milk. Nothing is better after a long run in the winter....

    Speaking of which, we have your cold, freezing can come pick it up now...anytime.

  4. Switch to decafe and save the hard core for race day ;)

    Interesting about IM cycling. Not many events/disciplines where your race-day speed is slower than in training.

  5. I love those double walled glasses and I love a long mac.

    I am happy with just the one coffee at breakfast, as long as I have one great coffee a day I am good.

    An ex of mine had a serious cola dependancy, once he had no money and I wouldn't support his "habit" he was crippled with a migraine within 24 hours it was quite scary.


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