Dog Proof Fence

Axl got out for the second time. Guess I hadn't done such a good job on the fence. After a few hours after work searching and putting up signs, we had no luck. This morning I decided to put in another long run and search the streets and parks. Again no luck.

This afternoon we received a phone call. Someone had found Axl, or more accurately, Axl had found someone. He turned up last night at a ladies front door. Naturally he picked the house that had three other dogs in the back yard. So this is where he spent the night and day, before being taken to the vet, where they recognised him straight away.

So after the dog's escapades and the renovations, my training has basically been a right off for the last few days. I haven't been to the pool. I put in only one half-assed effort on the bike, and missed a couple of runs. I'll regroup tomorrow, then put in two good weeks before I have a change in roster.


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