Consistent Flexibility

The next cycle of training begins on Monday. I have a change in roster at work, so I will be working the 10/14 which means I'm back to night shifts. This involves two days of 10 hours, two nights of 14 hours followed by four days off, but that first day is usually a complete right-off as I have to sleep for most of it. It's now an eight day week. Based on previous years, the key to training well on the roster is to make sure I get enough quality sleep and don't let fatigue accumulate over time.

My approach for the next four weeks is to set out what I believe is a balanced, basic plan with the flexibility of being able to shift a few of the sessions by a day to cater for my fatigue levels. As I've been filling up my life with many different things of late, I'm starting to think that the magic doesn't lie in the fine details of the sessions, but more in consistently completing training day in, day out. Within reason, I'm not going to be too concerned if I'm a bit sore in the legs from yesterday's ride, if the only time I can complete a threshold run is today.

Over an eight day period I will include:
  • Swimming: 1 x long steady aerobic, 1 x threshold intervals + balance drills, 1 x VO2 intervals + stroke drills
  • Cycling: 1 x Long aerobic (3 hours), 1 x VO2 intervals, 1 x Technique with transitions, and some optional incidental, low intensity rides such as commuting
  • Running: 1 x long steady aerobic (2.5-3 hours), 1 x VO2 intervals, 1 x Threshold and possibly some short runs after cycling or weights if I feel fresh enough
  • Strength: 2 x Full body weights, 1 x Plyometrics set

This is what my basic week will look like:

  • Day shift: Weights
  • Day shift: Run AT
  • Night shift: Run Long, Swim AT + Balance Drills
  • Night shift: Weights
  • off: Bike VO2 + Plyometric, Swim Long
  • off: Bike technique + Transitions
  • off: Run VO2
  • off: Bike Long, Swim VO2 + Stroke Drills

All up this gives me about 15-18 hours of training over an 8 day period. The volume is definitely not excessive, but the key will be to perform each session with enough energy and recovery to maintain the correct intensities and technique. This program should also give me enough "spare time" to spend with Giggles, do some stuff around the house and an overtime shift every so often.

I haven't trained much in the last few days, the cold took a good hold of me, plus we spent a few hours yesterday sitting around waiting for the ultrasound. Tomorrow I'll race the Coburg 12km, a low-key event I used to run in as a teenager. It will be interesting to see if it's still the same.


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