Keep On Being Straight Forward

It's amazing how busy I feel I have been over the last few days, considering I have hardly been training. Because of my sinus infection I took two complete days off training, then yesterday completed a threshold run of 2x15min, which felt okay. This morning I completed a weights session quite comfortably. I'm still fighting the infection, so won't do anything too hard for another day or two. Otherwise time has been filled up with doctor appointments, work and the normal tasks of life. Giggles and the baby had a check up at the obstetrician, and I am pleased to say everything is going well and straight forward. He said, "Keep on being straight forward."


  1. Hope you feel better soon dad-to-be! I'm sick too..bloody literature review is wearing me down! I'm getting there though so will get it done soon.
    I just entered the melbourne half marathon in october, so I better formulate a training plan! any chance of a 16 week training plan for me??hehe

  2. Of course, I'll be in touch about that plan, for after your wedding/honeymoon, Spit.


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