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Elastic Laces

A couple of things happened today. First I got my Internet connection up and running. Now I should be able to keep this blog better up to date. Second I got in my first genuine hard brick. A collection of 3 minute repeats on the mag-trainer and then a quick transition to get some more repeats on the run. It's been a while since my training session that had me nearly revisiting breakfast. It's also been a while since I last put in a good bike-run combo.

Pea Soup

The long un-awaited return to double night shifts wasn't as bad as anticipated. While both nights extended beyond each of their rostered 14 hours, I seemed to get my sleep right. Mixed in was a hard run and ride that woke me up. The ride home in the rain after night shift even managed to be enjoyable.

Flicking back to real person time was achieved without too much hurt. This allowed for 2 hours of running in perfect winter weather: heavy fog, cold, wet, slippery, muddy eventually giving way for some sun. I might have my training balance right at this stage.


For an unknown reason my last couple of posts never made it the blog. This is despite sending them. So as a quick recap, the move is done, I'm back at work and into Base 2 of training. This means some minor changes to how my training week fits together. I'll republish the next installment of my training document and hope it makes it to the blog this time.


The move is done. With only a short distance between houses there really aren't any major changes to my training routes. Still it felt good to get out for my first run from the new starting point.


Moving week is definitely not a normal week. No point having a training plan. That was thrown out the window as soon as my nose and sinus filled up. Then to make sure it is almost impossible to get in the long training sets, time is sapped away waiting for deliveries and for carpets to dry.

Re-reading the above it sounds like complaining. However that's not how I feel. While the experience of moving isn't my ideal form of fun it is an exciting time. It comes back towards working towards a goal. From purely a training point of view this week really serves as a recovery week and in the longer term may actually add to my fitness.

Default Recovery Week

Time limits on training imposed by moving house plus a sinus infection change the training focus. This week is no longer about adding to my fitness. Instead, I am trying to stop any decline.

The Move Begins

With keys to the new joint, it is time the moving started. Spread over a few days, we are trying to have a bit of method to setting up the new house. That means training is definitely not the number one priority this week. I should be able to get all the key sessions in. It's the extra easy runs and rides will likely be missed.

This morning was the perfect example of life versus training. Trying to be time efficient and I was on the mag-trainer and as I tend to do when stationary, or lifting weights I listen to one the podcasts I download. Today was the latest IM Talk, and during the section on training with a newborn, and fitting (or not) training/racing into family life my session had to be cut short for family/life reasons.

Any episode 212 is worth a listen on IM Talk.


There still a bit of hangover from the half marathon, but I have moved out of the recovery mode. In the pool my aerobic swim is defintely improving. The faster end of the pace bracket is so much easier to hold. Moving onto the bike my output was way down but I still covered what was needed. Finally today 6x5 run intervals with pram showed a surprisingly low heart rate, but the pace was definitely quick.

Into what I am still trying to make routine. Seems to be getting some good results. I still have to watch my lower legs for injury. The run highlighted some problems.

Stepwise Recovery

Day 1: mild stiffness on waking, but feeling primed and capable of running faster.

Day 2: DOMS++ hard to move until a swim loosened things up a bit.

Day 3: felt great to begin with, but the optimism soon dissolved as the weakened state of muscle repair was more than highlighted by a short ride.

Should be able to switch from recovery to training tomorrow.

A Good Test

A half marathon is definitely a good fitness test for the endurance athlete. Looking back at the race and seeing how the body goes with two recovery days gives some good information. So what do I take away from the test?

- My strength/stability training is working: it was easier than usual to keep good form throughout the race, plus this is about the first race of a descent distance where I didn't feel fatigue anywhere in my back.
- My base levels of fitness are good. Running 1:27:50 without much run volume, lower intensity intervals and easy long runs means I should have plenty of room for improvement. - There isn't much acid buffering or tolerance to be able to run much faster in 10km events. - Injury risks have shown up in my lower legs. Left sided Peroneal muscles are tight and are affecting the distal attachments. Right Soleus is tight within the muscle sheath. Need to be dealt with to avoid future problems. - Overall, the basics are good and reinforce that I can get to where…