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Training Big

Alright, back into it. Time to train big, think big, dream big, eat big and rehabilitate big. I celebrated this new go big mentality with a massive track session of 2x1000m. After the lack of running recently, that hit the legs harder than is traditional for me. Not exactly the levels of training I tend to aspire to. Of course I have the hamstring injury to blame. With a bit of creativity I should be able to get nearly two years worth of excuses out of that.

Rather than big kilometres and huge intensity I have to take a different approach. Maybe I have to focus the on big picture instead. As appealing as having a pig head buried in the sand can be, forcing the kilometres up and ignoring current limitations may not be the best approach. So reality, wisdom the weakest link all combine to dictate the limits of my training.

The big picture includes running for life, but also more than that. Just running is not enough. I still want to improve. Run faster races, and run longer races. Essent…


Right, I'm building back into running. The blogging should also increase. So what's happened since my marathon in Traralgon fell apart?

I took 3 weeks away from running. For me that's is a ridiculously long time, and in the last 17 years, I've only ever gone that long without a run maybe twice at most. Why 3 weeks? It wasn't all injury related. A two week holiday in Malaysia with the family played a big role in the time frame. While there was some good running option where we stayed, I simply had no interest in exploring them. Sun, cocktails and pool were the clear winners. However, I did get into the weights a fair bit and focused on some important rehabilitation.

So what went wrong back in the marathon?

The short version is I did a hammy. The longer version is more complicated. Unlike a sprinter or football player, the injury wasn't from a one incident where I felt it go. Instead it has been building to be a significant problem over quite a period of time. Un…