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Catch Up

Meadowglen 10km - Video Report

Time Flies

It's been almost a week since my last post, yet it feels like a couple of days. I must be having fun.

The training plan has been in action. Things have gone as expected. A few sessions have been missed, but I have got in some really good training as well. It is too early to know if it is all going to work out as hoped, but at least I am getting the work load done.

The time in between training sessions has been pretty much filled. The majority of that has been work. Finishing on time is a rarity now.

Not focussing on the small details and not worrying about what is missed seems to be working for me. Having my brain functioning in the right space plays a big part. I am now figuring out where that space may actually be. To help with this I need some way to measure results.

The only results that truly matter are what I do in races. The only way to get those results is to race. So I have to get past thinking I am 'not yet fit enough,' push my ego to the side and just enter some ra…

Some Reasoning

Finally I get to some sort of overview of the reasoning behind my training template.
First and foremost the template has been designed to be incorporated into my life. As a result it appears to be somewhat removed from a typical training plan. That it is. I no longer have the luxury of having the frequency and volume at high levels. Two young kids, combined with rotating shift work means there is the obligatory variety and unexpected. Taking all this into account, the most important concept driving the template is for manageable week-in, week-out training, with progression.
Rather than worrying about what I am missing in training, I will be better served by making the most of what I can do.
The template is written with the expectation of rarely being able to have a week exactly as written. Instead it is what I am aiming for when everything falls into place from a training perspective. So it provides the guide for what I aiming for. It is a guideline that allows for manipulation on an 8-d…


With the beginning of daylight savings come the beginning of my training. Scheduling a recovery day as the first of each of my 8-day weeks was a good move. It means that I actually do what is necessary to be ready for the truly hard stuff.

Today was my first hard training day. Up at 0500 wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. A dash of enthusiasm helps. Onto the mag-trainer and I showed my legs that I expected a lot more from them. They didn't exactly oblige.

Then out to work. Which I was happy to get back into. Unfortunately I'm stuck doing a stupid amount of overtime at the end. Meaning I miss the kids tonight and won't get in the weights session.

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