Rise and Shine

The amount of sleep I need appears to be very dependant on the training I do. Usually I find if I am in full training I require 8-9 hours. If it's an easy week then I'm often awake after only 6 hours. I know I have only done a couple of runs in the last few days, but this morning I was wide awake at 4:45am. Just under 6 hours of sleep. I'll have a bit of breakfast and then get into the weights as I originally planned, plus I think I'll also have time for a bit of run afterwards.

Hopefully I don't crash out later today.


  1. That's an eventful couple of days. Axl is a real sweetie, despite being naughty. My mum's dog has had the same operation, he doesn't take Speccys anymore LOL.

    Hope the training goes well this week.


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