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Real World

Scanning for some ideas/inspiration on training I came across the article:

Endurance Nation Five Keys Of Long Course Training

Well worth a read.

Wallace Rule of Nines

This is a first for me. I have found a rather unexpected way to interrupt training. Yesterday I headed down to the local athletics track for a fast set of repetitions. Usually I like to do some of my warm up barefoot, but when I took my shoes off, the ground felt a bit too hot for that option. The day wasn't stupidly hot by any stretch of the imagination, but the sun did have a good kick to it. So I fumbled in my bag and got out a pair of socks and my runners.

Footwear on, and I jogged out into the outside lane. By only 200m my feet felt strange. There was a strange pain across the front soles of my feet, plus a squishy sensation was developing. I slowed and finished the lap. The pain was getting worse. Was I getting blisters?

Shoes off to inspect the bottom of my feet. Yes there were blisters. Not normal, friction style blisters either. The blisters were secondary to burns. Burns which had actually reached partial thickness territory. That was ridiculous. The ground didn't real…


Being offline from the internet was surprisingly a struggle initially. Only when you don't have something, do you realise how much you use it. However, some good things have come from the deprivation.

I some ways my life has changed, but in reality not by much. I've moved house, and am now renting instead of paying off a mortgage. That doesn't change much on a day to day basis. The move wasn't far. Only 4km. I still have access to familiar running trails, but the different starting and access points are making for some interesting things. I am hitting the books once again and am enjoying have a plan of study again. There are other things, but the gist is my life is changing, but it isn't all that different from a month ago.

What has changed is my approach. Over the last few years a subtly, but progressive style has crept into everything I do. It took moving house and no internet to realise this. I had become efficient under the guise of multitasking. Most of the time…

Service Outage

With moving house came dealings with utility companies. In particular, phone and internet. The short version is I am no longer dealing with Optus for a number of reasons and have gone with another provider. However, I have been, and will be without internet access at home for a while. This is the main reason for a lack of updates. The good news is life is closer to settled and I have been training. A bit of pain throughout my legs while sitting here is a good reminder of a good track session yesterday.

Change of Plans...

I am not a fan of moving house. Things just take so much more time than I hoped. Plus my time management hasn't been at a great standard either. So my last post is now null & void. My plan now is not to have one. I'll fit in anything I can. When my life gets back to some normality I'll get back on the real plan.