Service Outage

With moving house came dealings with utility companies. In particular, phone and internet. The short version is I am no longer dealing with Optus for a number of reasons and have gone with another provider. However, I have been, and will be without internet access at home for a while. This is the main reason for a lack of updates. The good news is life is closer to settled and I have been training. A bit of pain throughout my legs while sitting here is a good reminder of a good track session yesterday.


  1. Very glad to hear that things are begining to settle down. :)

  2. Moving is stressful. Catch up with how your training's going when I see the next update.

  3. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly!

  4. Moving is a horrible hassle and I am pleased to hear that you are settling in. I hope you and the family are happy in your new home. You are wise to simply make the most of whatever opportunities you get to run for the time being, but I look forward to when you embark on the next systematic campaign.


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