I know that delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is often worse two days after a race, but I didn't expect it to be so bad this morning. Yesterday I felt fine, just a little tight in the morning which soon cleared up. I did my weights session in the evening with no trouble. Definitely no hint of any residual soreness or fatigue from the previous days race. Even stepping out of bed this morning I felt good. In the past I have found my calves seizing up when I first attempt to stand up a day or two after racing, but not this morning.

My run this morning was planned to be 2x10min at anaerobic conditioning pace (80-90%HRmax), but I didn't get much past the warm up. My run always starts up a short incline out of court, and part way up both calves felt like they had become rocks. They were heavy and inflexible. I decided to continue at a very easy pace for the next few minutes, but it just wasn't going to work. My calves just kept tightening up.

I called it quits, after all I have my long run planned for tomorrow. After some stretching and massage I'm now feeling fine again. Hopefully it stays that way. I'll have to keep an eye my recovery.


  1. freaking doms is a nightmare - and you're right, its that second day afterwards that's a killer.

    Great race result though mate. Particularly with no-one to pace off and a hugry bastard chasing you down.


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