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Two and a half weeks brings me out of the moonboot and a physio review. The body is doing what it's meant to do. I'd prefer if it would heal faster. At least now I'm I've moved on from the immobilisation phase and started some exercises. The extreme difficulty I had in doing a single leg calf raise and the almost non-existent balance on my left leg beat down my ego. At least the physio was amused by the amount of muscle wastage that occurs in two weeks. Thanks Camila.

Low grade strengthening and proprioception development is this week's fun. The endurance challenge is just walking around to get things done. No extended walks and no running. I'm definitely not tempted to try it out. It is clear the ligaments aren't ready yet. Basic walking requires a good dose of concentration to keep the mechanics right. There is a laziness in the coordination and a tendency for too much inappropriate movement if left unchecked. Need to do what I need do.

So far I've ta…

A Running Blog With No Running

Over more than two decades of endurance racing and I've had relatively few injuries. In my younger days I would stress about lost fitness and get frustrated when I was injured. Now I've chilled a bit more. Which is handy since my ankle injury is taking a good chunk of time out from running.

It's easy to say it's just running and there are more important things in life. It's true there is. That approach never seemed to take the disappointment and frustration away when forced out of action. Maybe I'm getting older and wiser, or I don't care as much, but I'm definitely in a better mental place than with previous injuries. It's a bit of a chance to focus on other things. It's been over a week and for the most part I'm comfortable with the situation. Complaining won't get me anywhere, and self pity is only detrimental. Plus my wife had did more damage to her ankle earlier this year. At least we get to share moonboots. Best just to focus on w…

Wilsons Promontory 100km 2017

After taking a break from blogging I'm back. No break from running in that time. I just wasn't getting what I needed from posting. Not a lot more to it. I'll skip all the ins and out of what I've done and get right into my most recent adventure.On the weekend was the Wilsons Promontory 100km. Included in the event were 44 and 60km options. If you don't know anything about the Prom I'll sum it up as one of the most spectacular places on earth, filled with amazing views and Australian wildlife. It is also the southern most part of the Australian mainland. Do yourself a favour and get down here.
Quite a number of work friends competed, and to steal a term from one of the group, it appears we must be a bunch of freaks. All distances were covered. Shift workers and ultra runners made for a massive party house with all in bed by 9pm. The house we were staying at was in Yanakie and that had us about 30km out from the race start. Which sounds like a long way, but if you…