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Despite predictions, the weather was good this morning. The only problem I had to contend with at the athletics track was a couple of guys who ignored the signs and basic courtesy. They allowed their dogs to run all over the track, unleashed and with no regard for anyone else using it. That aside I enjoyed the short session.

Today's 400m time trial resulted a time of 1:11.9. That's a 2.1 second improvement from last month. Recalling my post from that time (Base 2):

"In the last week of Base 1 I also ran a 400m time trial. The time was 74 seconds. To me that time is slow, but it is where it should be. Over the next few weeks of base training, I would expect only a small improvement in 400m speed following the introduction of speed drills. This test is an indicator of anaerobic capacity. It shows the net effect of local muscular strength, speed endurance and efficiency, with the ability to generate relatively high force output coupled with the ability to both tolerate and buffer the anaerobic by-products such as lactate and hydrogen ions."

I believe the improvement is adequate considering I have included no anaerobic capacity training at all. The only high intensity work has been drills and form work plus the resistance and plyometric training.

Combining the modest 400m TT improvement with the still current improvements in my MAF pace and the overall subjective feeling of "running is simply feeling easier", I am keen to extend the Base training as much as I can. Luckily time is on my side and I can extend the Base phase by at least two weeks before I have to move in the Threshold phase next year.


  1. Congrats on the improvement!!! I can't wait to get to do some anaerobic stuff. But my base training just started so it will have to wait a bit. But I'm going to do some strength and plyo to get ready for it.

    You asked on my blog what formula I used to calculate my caloric intake. I used the Harris-Benedict Equation: Males RMR=66+13.8(weight (kg)) + 5(height (cm)) - 6.8(age). Then aplied a multiplier based on activity level. I chose the highest which is 1.5.

    Keep up the good work and train well.

  2. That's good - especially having done no 400-type speedwork.

    Yes, my inclination would be to hold the base work for as long as possible, especially if your main goal races are the longer ones.


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