I've hit the next level in my running. The level isn't based on times. It isn't the ability to tolerate higher pain levels. It isn't a sudden change in technique. It isn't a sudden change in technique. The new level is simply a product of consistency.

What is the mark or criteria of this new level?

It is that I can pick a pace, and as long as it is aerobic then it simply feels like I'm cruising. Whether I choose a heart rate at 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 or 85% of maximum then I can just go out and run at the designated intensity and keep going. Also I can just go out and run comfortably slow, or comfortably faster (sprinting is a different story). It reminds me of Lydiard's comments about developing a "tireless" runner. Fatigue isn't a limiting factor during my current stage of training. I don't feel indestructible, just that I am absorbing the training in the right way.

Looks like I'm still on track.


  1. I hope that happens for me one day.

    One of the things I like about running is that it is honest. If you put in the training you'll get the results.


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