Just a good run.

Intensity range: 65-85%HRmax (123-160bpm)
Time goal: 1:00
Location: Ruffey Lake Park, Hilltops Circuit 3 x 3.6km laps

Lap 1: Easy
Lap 2: Solid effort on hills, recover downhill
Lap 3: Sprint over hilltops, on turns and at any changes in terrain, moderate effort in between

Times per lap: 23:25, 20:02, 18:20.
The Hilltops Circuit takes in three decent hills, so with three laps thats a total of 9 proper hills. This is the type of run that has me feeling better all the way through. The variety in types of surges, technique/speed work on turns and in changes in terrain, development of hill running form plus a progressively faster average pace. What more could you ask?


  1. Great session. Looks like the perfect venue for that type of running.


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