Fitting in training is often a challenge. To make sure I get it all in without neglecting other areas can take a bit of organising. For the most part I usually have to think 3-4 days ahead to ensure the logistics are correct. One advantage I have is working reasonably close to home. This allows me to fit in either running or cycling to and from work. Cuts out travel time. The issue is I have to ensure the correct clothes, shoes, food, toiletries etc. are at the right location for event.

The good thing about having to be organised, is that I do it. I am definitely more productive with time constraints. With running or cycling between home and work I get a really good stress release. Perfect way to start or end the day (or night depending on shift). What it does prompt is the line I have heard for most of life when I head out for a run.... gee you're keen.


  1. As you are well aware, flexibility is also key. Having a life means expecting the unexpected and going with the flow.


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