Hot Rain

Slightly closer towards a reasonable amount of sleep had me feeling better yesterday. Six hours interrupted now seems to be the best I can get, which is better than my wife has been getting. Some flexibility work in the morning partly woke me up for a day of work. Work didn't really woke me up any further. Must have been the heat.

Happily I finished on time allowing me to get in my medium-long run. The pace would have to be a bit slower. It was 35 degrees celcius. On paper my time was meant to be 75min, but this extended out to 84min due to the heat and route choice. Despite the heat and strong, swirling hot wind the run was just perfect. No one else was out on trail which is a bit unusual in the evening, but then again it was hot. A storm was predicted to come through, and I was looking forward to some rain during the run. This didn't happen, just a few changes in wind direction is all I had as a slight reprieve from the heat.

This morning I was greeted with a reasonable lightening storm. Nothing damaging, but it does make for spectacle when combined with dawn. I watched the show from my garage while doing weights. Beats TV screens in commercial gyms.


  1. I love a good thunder storm, but got a little too close for comfort this morning when lightning struck a power pole on Canterbury Road about 400 metres in front of me! So glad I wasn't 30 seconds earlier leaving the house.

  2. We got that storm too - spectacular noise and light show but bugger all rain.

    Good run. I don't mind the heat if the sun's down, but 35C is pushing the friendship a bit.


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