Patience Pays

I beat the nasty weather this morning, and managed to fit in my latest MAF test in a reasonably pleasant light rain. Apart from the time, the key thing I noticed is that the pace just felt natural. I hardly had to spend any effort in either keeping the pace up at the right heart rate or hold back. This morning I recorded a pace of 4:38/km which is 56 seconds faster than my initial test back at the end of August. The improvement is right on the fastest rate of improvement expected, which is about 4 seconds per week average.

Tomorrow I have a 400m time trial planned, but this will now be weather dependant. Today has been a mixture of strong winds (about 60km/hr at times), heavy rain and some hail. If the weather is like this tomorrow morning, then test won't be relevant. Of course I'll still put in some training, but the time trial will have to be delayed by a day or two.



  1. Gee, that's a good improvement. Nice!

  2. Almost one minute in three months, I'll sign for that! Keep it up!


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