First Sighting

Perfect warm, sunny weather had me out for a 2 hour bike ride through the hills yesterday morning. There was no need to pay any particular attention to intensity. Simply just riding had me in the right heart rate zone. The warm weather had the wild life out. A wallaby sighting, plenty of rabbits, a kangaroo and around the corner from home was my first snake for the season. Over half the road was a good size eastern brown snake making its way across. Easily bypassed, but a good reminder to keep a better eye open when out on the running trails.

The became a very long day extending into the night and until 0800 this morning when I finally got to bed. Called in for an extra night shift meant today was a complete right-off for training. After waking in the arvo, my body was stuffed. No hard training today, and then no easy training either after a few requirements of life reared their head. Some catch up on sleep should see me able to stay on track tomorrow.


  1. A bushwalker was bitten by a brown here yesterday - lucky he had a phone and gps to direct the rescuers.

    You're doing well with the tireless aerobic running. Consistency in a program isn't that easy to achieve, but it pays off.


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