The Last Few Months

Since the Australian Ironman last April I have completely changed my training around. There were a few reasons for this. The most important being my new venture into fatherhood which should begin in September. Naturally I will have to put a cap on the hours I spend training so I can actually be around.

Other reasons included were I was sick of just going long and slow. I missed the speed and head to head racing of the shorter distances. I also enjoy experimenting with training. As Commander John Collins said, "We are all an experiment of one." So I wanted to see how I responded to different stimulus plus increase different attributes such as speed, power, strength, and body control.

The approach I took can be found in these posts:

The Results:

My strength and power have definitely improved. Not just in lifting weights, but across most areas such as vertical or broad jumps, cycling and of course running. My agility is better, I now can take the corners or turnarounds in races much faster.

Flexibility has improved in my shoulders, wrists and back, but stayed much the same in all other areas.

As for running my top end speed is so much better. Work rates above VO2max speeds now almost feel easy. 10km race pace is comfortable for the most part. I really have enjoyed being able to go so much faster. The problem is my aerobic conditioning has seriously suffered. Racing in both 10km and half marathon have shown that while for the first part it feels easy, at some point the accumulation of lactic acid forces a premature slow down. The paces that should be mostly aerobic are being artificially held up by anaerobic metabolism. Yes I am faster, but I cannot sustain it for long enough. This just doesn't work for the races I enjoy competing in.

Really I have always known this to be the case. The last few months of training have been an experiment. I was hoping that less volume at much higher intensity could have me not only improving across other areas neglected in Ironman training, but have me racing faster in long distance events.... didn't.

Time to head back to what I know works.


  1. I must have missed the post about becoming a dad! CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I am SO happy for you.


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