Back To Base

It's now time to go back to what I know works.
  • Build the aerobic engine
  • Support with a steady strength progression
  • Be consistent with the key sessions
  • Be judicious with high intensity

Training will now be set at 8-9 day training cycles (my version of week that keeps in line with my rotating shift work). Priority will be given to following key sessions:

  • Long run
  • Long bike ride
  • Moderate run
  • Higher intensity run
  • 2 x Strength/Body control sessions
  • Recovery day

The other training will be easy aerobic work of running, but also keeping in touch with cycling and swimming as time permits.

The new program begins tomorrow (Thursday). For the first three cycles I will focus on correcting the imbalance between anaerobic and aerobic power production. To do this most of my training will be performed at low intensity (60-75% of HRmax). The higher intensity run will be limited to about 80% of HRmax and there will be absolutely no lactate tolerance style work.

As for racing, at this stage I do not have any key races in mind. What I think I will do is look towards is steadily decreasing my half marathon and 10km race times. I have 1:20:00 for the half marathon and sub 36min for 10km bouncing around in my head. I'll wait to see how the first few weeks go before I put a time period on these.


  1. So will we see you at Street-O? And which session type is it? "easy aerobic" or "moderate", or are you going for broke to get that elusive 100 points. :-)


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