15:10, 15:30

"While asleep the body releases growth hormone to repair damage from the day's training stresses and to shore up any physiology systems weakened by training. Without adequate sleep, fitness is lost regardless of how intense or long the workouts are. "

- Joe Friel, Gordon Byrn "Going Long: Training for Ironman Distance Triathlons"

The times in the title are not race or training times. They are not how long it took me run any distance. They are simply the length of my last two night shifts (hours:minutes). Not only were they long, but they were busy. These are times when I realise just how important sleep really is. I'm looking forward to the days off to recharge.


  1. wow--my brother is a firefighter. I don't know how you guys do it.

  2. I can remember 14 hour days 10 years ago. Thankfully 9 to 10 is the most we get these days.

    I guess that's why Gabriela Szabo used to sleep 12-16 hours a day.


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