Nearly a week off trying to get rid of this sinus infection has seen me down 2kg in weight. Yet, I feel like I've put on fat. Funny how my legs have been hurting despite not doing anything. Guess I'm just so used to training day in, day out for years, that my body doesn't feel right when stops. I'll front up tomorrow morning for the Sandy Half and see what I can pull out. Today I have no idea how I'll run.

The down time from training has had me again rethinking my training approach. I've decided I'm not happy with a number of aspects of my current approach. More on than that as I work out what changes I will actually make.


  1. Sinus infection = no good. I hope you recover quickly. Your time off kind of sounds like my tapper. It's a great time to reflect on training and make changes - physical and mental clarity IMO. Good luck on your Half, I'm sure you'll do much better then you think. Rest even while sick does wonders :)


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