Exapanding Polyfiller

Sinus infections suck. So far four days off, no orienteering last night. I'm just hoping to recover for the Sandy Point Half this weekend. Chances are I'll run a good time with the forced taper.

The lack of posts hasn't been because of this, it's been because I've been having trouble with my internet access. My provider changed me over to their new faster network, but failed to provide the phone line filters that actually allow me to use it. It took 2 hours worth of time on the phone last night, dealing with the offshore customer disservice centre whose English skills were too poor to help. Even though that is there job. Then they hung up on me because a question I asked was too hard. Eventually, after going through different people to escalate my complaint I got to speak with someone who had English as his first language. He was so kind and even offered to send out the filters at no charge, which I thought was such great service since I was meant to receive them at no charge in the first place about a week ago. Let's not even discuss the automated voice recognition program that is meant to put you through to correct department.


  1. uh yea right....you've probably been sitting around watching the olympics. ;)

  2. Ahh yes, offshoring, the great con.


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