Instant Gratification

It takes time to achieve something worthwhile. You can't have it all now. It you could, then you'd probably just want more. After having just taken notice of some advertising from various sources today. I was thinking that one common theme is you can have whatever you want now and without effort. I'm unconvinced. The things that have given me the most enjoyment and pride have been those that have taken a lot of time and effort.


  1. Well said, I'm in agreement...nothing great comes easy.

  2. My internet just crashed, so I'm sorry if this is a double post.

    I completely agree with you. I have been thinking about this topic alot recently. It's similar to the quote that I use regularly "everything worth having is worth fighting for."

  3. So true. It took me ten years of training before I ran my lifetime PBs.

    Glad all is sorted. The road-race course sounds like a doozy.


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