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Official results are out from Saturday's orienteering... 2nd place, not 1st as I was hoping, but I am more than happy with my effort. Think I may be getting the hang of this orienteering thing after all.

Sunday was taken up with an antenatal class in the morning followed by quite a few beverages at the Lower in the arvo. I used the fact that it was my birthday about a week ago as an excuse. Anyway that didn't leave much opportunity for training. So I got up early and put in a short but very hard set prior to the antenatal class. After a warm up I completed a weights and metabolic conditioning combination consisting of 3 rounds of Snatch 20kgx15, Thruster 20kgx15, Deadlift 20kgx15 and 400 run. While the weight wasn't exactly heavy, going non-stop on the exercises soon has the legs, glutes, back, shoulders and arms burning and screaming back at me. Completed in a time of 17:04, and I decided I liked this workout. It will likely make some semi-regular appearances. I'm thinking that when I get the time below 15:00, then it would be right to add some weight.

Extending beyond the antenatal class thing. We are now less than 7 weeks away from the baby's due date. With baby furniture, prams and the like now in the house it is now becoming real to me. Yes, very soon life will change. I am looking forward to it.


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