Taper Time

The hard sessions are over. All the work now will be well within my abilities. Just need to remember it is normal to feel flat part way through the taper. No more tests of fitness. I have already done that over the last few weeks. It is now all about the 6th April.


  1. Taper is one of those mixed bags. Good to have it but the hard part is mental.

    btw--the winds here have been atrocious!

  2. Awesome Jason. I will cross my fingers for no sicknesses etc - but it looks like you have made another start line - well done on all the hard work.

    I am not sure if you are planning to blog your race plan (pacing, nutrition etc) but if you are that would be awesome. Maybe compare with previous Ironmans and lessons learnt?

    Wanna go public with some time goals?


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