The heat kicked my butt big time today. Heading out north on the open tarmac had feeling like I put the turbo-trainer inside the oven. Spend too long out of the saddle and it heats up enough to burn my backside. The northerly wind was more like a blast furnace, rather than a cooling breeze. My drink bottles heated up so much that pouring the water on me seemed to make things worse. Despite all this I did get in a decent ride, even though I decided to the safe option was to call it short by 90 minutes.

During the last part of my ride I found my heart rate climbing out of proportion to my effort level. Even when I coasted it stayed up. That low grade feeling of nausea seeped in and I knew I was heading into the territory for heat injury. Flicking through the display on my hear
t rate monitor I found the temperature reading:
40 degrees Celcius
Ouch! Any wonder I was now starting to struggle. Mind you it made my ride an even better effort than I had originally thought. It's meant to be another hot one tomorrow, so I'll start early to make sure to get in the full 6 hours.


  1. I was so desperate on Sunday that I drank HOT gatorade from my fuel belt bottles, it was vile, but I still drank it.

    Still asking myself why I thought it was a good idea to attempt a 20km run on such an awful day.

    We are strange people are we not?


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