Ironman Oz 2008 - Race Plan

"No matter how much you prepare, you can never control the race. The race is just there. You have to respond to the dynamic of it, and find those places in yourself hat, that are dormant. That sort of come alive when you are under that type of pressure."
- Mark Allen

The goal is simple. Race under 11:09:19. Now the hard part is putting together and executing the plan to succeed. Just completing the distance is no longer an option. I have already done that, having a total of four Ironman races under my belt. I'll go in with the understanding that I cannot control the race. I can only control myself.

"I never paid attention to time at all. I just let that moment, right at that time sort of devour me, consume me and not look ahead."

- Dave Scott

The focus during the race has to be on the process. Doing what is important right at the moment. Getting hung up on the final time will likely result in not making it. Moving with a clear purpose, a strong focus and above all, efficiency, is what is required.

I have spent the last few weeks trialling pacing strategies, comparing heart rate profiles and taking countless splits over different terrain and with various nutritional intakes. Combining the objective with the subjective, mixing in a little past experience and dusting with a little hope I have my plan.

"You are always noted as an Ironman"

- Dave Scott


Start on inside of the course near the rope.
Swim strong, smooth and comfortable over the first 200m.

Smooth, Assertive and Calm.



Check the timing clock on exiting the water, then forget about the time. Can't change it now.

No rush, but keep moving.



Heart Rate: 128-139bpm Flats. 140ish and a bit on Hills.
No Catch Up.
Bring it all inline.


Time Check.
New Beginning.


Three Laps - use them
  1. Hold back.
  2. Minor adjustments.
  3. Whatever it takes. This is not a training run.


Eat and drink every 10-15min.

70g CHO/hr

700-1100ml fluid/hr


I have deliberately kept the words to a minimum. The mind can only focus on one or two key points at a time, I plan on making that job a little easier. I have put in the training, and my body knows how to swim, ride and run. I will race this year's event more on feel, rather than being driven too much by arbitrary numbers on heart rate monitor or cycle computer. I'll explain a little bit more of reasoning behind my plan in my next few posts.


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