Today's ride was cooler than the last two days. Only got to 35 degrees. I headed out north again and planned a multi loop course of mainly flat to undulating terrain, to keep things nice and steady for 160km. My legs protested from the word go and it looked like it was going to be a hard day. However at about the 50 minute mark it felt like a switch had been flicked on. All the aches, pains and fatigue melted away into the background. It was now time to ride.

The main challenge today was the wind. Blowing away at about 25-30km/hr with gusts over 50km/hr according to a couple of weather sites. At times it was hard enough trying to keep the bike moving along at anything close to 25km/hr into the headwind, but with a tailwind, 56km/hr was easy even up a moderate incline. Now that is fun.

The multi looped course took me around many of the new housing estates. Each in various stages of not being finished. The only thing I didn't enjoy too much was the wind blew plenty of dirt and debris at me from the building sites. A few small cuts from various items hitting me, a close call with a tarpaulin and every exposed areas of skin being smothered in black dirt is what I took away.

Later into the ride the weather began to change. Wind spun and circled round me. Seemingly trying to make sure I always had a headwind, but I was actually enjoying riding against the extra resistance. I watched as a dark grey cloud formed overhead. Gradually getting larger as smaller clouds seemed to be drawn in. Almost like something out of a film. I wondered if it would actually rain. Eventually the wind settled on being a southwesterly, and blew the cloud away. Sometimes the weather is just cool.

The key thing I take away from today's ride is that I am ready to race. Nothing more needs to be said.


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