Ironman Oz 2008 - Goal

"You know what you have to do, and your mind if you are about performing, about placing overall you have to be willing to sacrifice." - Scott Tinley

Time to put it out there. My goal for this year's Ironman is simple. It is measurable, it is challenging and it sets a clear line of success or failure.

Complete Ironman Australia 2008 in a Personal Best Time

(sub 11:09:19)

I will do what it takes to achieve this.


  1. "Play it like a big marlin...let 'em run with the lure in their mouth. Set the hook when you hit T2 and start reeling them in"

    Good luck, will be watching with interest.

  2. I cannot tell you how excited I am to follow along.

    You are an amazing athlete, and it will show on the course.

  3. That's a clear line.

    Do the final numbers mean anything? I mean, will you be equally satisfied with 11:09:18 and 10:59:59 for instance? Or is the satisfaction all about executing the race plan as well as possible?

    I like your idea of doing the race 'on feel' rather than by numbers - to this end, do you think you'd be better off not even using the HRM?


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