After The Ironman

I am losing some motivation for my current training. Yes I am still putting in the effort and completing all my training sessions that I need to at the moment. The problem is my mind is wandering. This is common for me as I get close to a big race. After all, it has been many weeks of focusing on one event. What I tend to do is start thinking about all the different types of training and different races I can do once I get past this Ironman thing. In particular, I miss going fast. The loss of my top end speed, due to all the long miles is starting to bug me.

These thoughts are normal for me at this point. I only have a couple more weeks of hard slog ahead of me. It really is just a matter sucking it up, and putting out the effort for that short time. Maybe I'll actually enjoy the taper this year.


  1. Ahh yes, those final weeks before the big day are the toughest, hang in there.

    I have lost a bit of speed too, all the long slow stuff that I have been doing for Trailwalker has slowed me down a bit (not that I had much speed to start with!)


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