Changing The Mind

Time to use my body to create a better mindset for the last four weeks before the Ironman. Today I'm heading out for seven hours worth of cycling and running. While it is the last big test before the big dance to see if I have my nutrition and pacing right, it is also time to practice getting into the right head space. That space where almost all thoughts are absent or simply do not matter. Where I am working, making active decisions, but my mind is still. Moving meditation.

Action is being truly observant of your own thoughts, good or bad, looking into the true nature of whatever thoughts may arise, neither tracing the past nor inviting the future, neither allowing any clinging to experiences of joy, nor being overcome by sad situations. In so doing, you try to reach and remain in the state of great equilibrium, where all good and bad, peace and distress, are devoid of identity.
-Dudjom Rinpoche


  1. Keep at it hard Jason for the next couple of weeks. After Ironman you'll look back and be glad you did.

    Not long to go now!

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