Sunday Morning

I've had to swap a few sessions around this week to fit around some other commitments, so this meant I had my threshold run this morning. It was raining, but not cold. The type of steady, light rain that you stop noticing after a few minutes of running. Being early Sunday morning and wet, there wasn't much company out on the trail. I love these runs, where you know you're working, but it doesn't feel too hard. After a good 12km I felt refreshed and energised for the day. I'm now at work, and its been a very quiet start to the shift. Maybe most people are still tucked up in bed. Here's to a lazy Sunday morning.


  1. Encouraging to see that you're shifting sessions around already - makes me feel better about my own session-discipline!

    Great idea about the intermediary goals too. When you love racing, it's not enough to just leave everything to the IM. I wouldn't miss any of my Club races for the world!

  2. Hi there big bro! love the blog!! I will subscribe and keep a close eye on what's going on. I think 2008 is the year for special t-shirts and cheer squad attire....I will get onto it. For those reading, I do not have a foot fetish, just a healthy respect for the things that carry us around our whole lives. Feet also carry some elite people over the finishline of an ironman. Nothing in the world like it! x


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