New Trails

Yesterday I enjoyed a perfect long run. I decided to explore some new trails. After searching through a couple of maps I planned a loop of about 25km which would take me over lots of hills on unsealed roads and horse trails. The weather was great, and the scenery on the trail even better. I enjoyed views across the Diamond Valley, Kangaroo Ground and all the way into the city. Kangaroo Ground lived up to its name as I ran around a mob of about 12 roos. I love Australia. Even though a lot of the terrain was challenging, the run felt easy and while I was tired after 2 and 1/4 hours, I felt great. Amazing how a great environment can make a run seem easier.


  1. I am constantly thankful for the abundance of great trails we have for long runs out here in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I never get bored.

    As for your regular meal issue I expect it would be quite difficult when you are on the road without access to a microwave. Could you try cold chicken salads (or something similar) in an Esky, with a bread roll?

  2. I like your thinking Em. The cold salads do work well. I just have to be organised and not lazy when preparing my food in adavance.


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