Going Nowhere Fast

This morning was my first high intensity set on the turbo trainer. As Giggles was still in bed, I had to set up in the garage so I wouldn't wake her. It was only 7 degrees, so I was soon surrounded in a fog from my own breath and sweat. I thought it looked cool, but I am easily amused when I haven't woken up properly.

The hard work was only 5x1min @ predicted VO2max effort, with 2min aerobic recovery. Doesn't look like much on paper, but my legs aren't used to this sort of effort on the bike yet, so they were hurting over the last two repeats. Then it was onto my weights program. I'm loving having the set up at home. Beats travelling to the gym.

Its now a few hours later, and I feel great. Currently I'm feeling very energised after my workouts, and seem to feel faster nearly every day. I hope this continues.

"It's hard to be humble, when you're as great as I am." - Muhammad Ali


  1. In my humble opinion few things beat the feeling you get after a good interval session. Long intervals (1km repeats) are my absolute favourite and leave me feeling a bit stupid and happy the next day.

    Maybe I have a problem though :-)

    Looks like having all the stuff set up home is paying dividends, who needs a gym anyway?


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