Activate Their Own Fire Safety Plan

I've recently started using MapMyRun to map out some of my long runs. After doing a run, I then map it to get an idea of the distance, plus I think it looks cool to do a flying tour over the course on google earth. For yesterdays long run I decided to plan my run ahead of time. I wanted a very hilly run on dirt roads and trails in the bush. So I mapped out a looped course of 30km with a very nasty elevation profile. I printed out a couple of maps to take with me, as I hadn't run in most of this area before, I didn't want to make a wrong turn.

I woke up and discovered it was only 6 degrees. I grabbed my bandanna, gloves, sports drink powder, water bottle, maps and running belt. I only took one drink bottle, as there was drinking water available at about the half way point of the run. All looked good.

After the first, relatively flat 4km, the temperature had climbed to 19 degrees and I was now ready for the hills. The next few kilometres was all about climbing. All I seemed to be doing was going up and up gaining about 120m in altitude in under 3km. Naturally I had some great views across the valley.

Of course what goes up, must come down. I found myself on a very steep descent travelling at great speed in what would best be described as a controlled fall. Just before the end the descent I saw a branch across trail and decided I'd have to jump it. As I jumped, the branch moved and slithered away. This put my heart rate up a little. While I don't mind snakes, I prefer to keep a little distance between me and them. I think this one was a Brown.

I continued on my way and came to a reserve which consisted of thick bush. The trail was pretty much non-existent. So I got my map out and followed what seemed to be the right direction. I came across a mob of kangaroos. They were big Grays, standing well above my height. Very imposing, especially since the male was guarding a little joey. Such an awesome sight. After some rock scrambling, log jumping and running a dry creek bed I soon came to a dirt road when I knew I shouldn't. I had either made a wrong turn, or the trail I wanted to follow no longer existed. I could see a sign on the edge of the reserve, so I made my way over to it to see if it would help me work out where I was. It didn't, instead it said, "On days of high fire danger visitors to this reserve are advised to activate their own fire safety plan." My interpretation: "If you get caught in a fire here, don't expect any help."

I followed the road and soon worked out I was only a bit off course. I was on part of the return loop, which was fine, all I had to do was follow the road a bit and I'd be back on track, take a short cut and I'd be at the water stop at the right time. Perfect.

Not perfect. The map was wrong. The road did not go through. It stopped at private property, and there was no way through. I've since checked this on other maps and they show very clearly that this road ends, but not on MapMyRun, or google maps, they show it goes all the way through. The drink stop was now out of reach, and I couldn't think of any other water options, so I decided to cut the run short and head home. In the end I covered about 21km in 2 hours on some slow going terrain, which I was happy with, but I still don't like not covering the full distance.

My recovery from this run consisted of an ANZAC day bbq with the neighbours while watching Collingwood beat Essendon (victory is so good), and rehydrating with vast amounts of Carlton Draught, followed by some Wild Turkey just to make sure... I think I might struggle in the pool today.

"It is true that we shall not be able to reach perfection, but in our struggle toward it we shall strengthen our characters and give stability to our ideas, so that, whilst ever advancing calmly in the same direction, we shall be rendered capable of applying the faculties with which we have been gifted to the best possible account." - Confucius


  1. mate - still a solid run, particularly on that sort of terrain.

    So out of curiosity, just what exactly was your Fire Safety Plan?

  2. Great post. How good are trail runs? - up and down, flora ad fauna etc. I must remember to do more trailing running.

    Cartlon is deinitely good for replenishment after a long run.


  3. Great run, great post, but bloody Collingwood ?! :-)

  4. Of course bloody Collingwood. My Fire Safety Plan, was to run away, but I don't know how fast I would have been. Maybe I could try jumping on the back of one of the roos to take me out of there.

  5. yeah, I was thinking my Fire Safety Plan would be time for some speed work, run like hell LOL


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