First Week Down (nearly)

I've just about about completed my first cycle of training. I've already mentioned that an extra night shift at work was thrown into the mix. Here's how it all went.

I woke up Monday after R4tK feeling pretty good, I had heavy legs and knew they weren't capable of running fast for a couple days. I got on the bike for an hour but missed my swim workout.

Tuesday I was buggered from the busy shift at work, but I hopped into the pool anyway and after a very short warm-up I swam 400m straight and discovered I was embarrassingly slow. I'm aiming to gradually lengthen this straight swim over each cycle as my main endurance set. I definitely have lost all my swim-specific strength and endurance, but that was to be expected. Then it was onto the bike for 40min around hills. This was all performed somehow in the daze that is post night shift and my backside was pointing out it wasn't used to spending any time on the saddle.

Wednesday I was back at work on day shift. Scheduled was a VO2 running set on the track. I had to decide to listen to my body. During my usual warm-up my heart rate was excessively high and my legs just felt flat. I attempted the first 1200m interval it just wasn't working. My legs were shot, so I called it quits and got to work on my flexibility.

Thursday was a short ride to the pool. Then ride to work and finally back home afterwards. As a reminder that winter is on the way, it rained on me, but I didn't mind too much. While I'm slow, it all felt pretty good.

This morning was just a very easy turn of the legs for 30min on the bike and then tomorrow my long run, before two days off in the country. I think I'm managing to fit most things into my new routine, but I have neglected to mow the lawn. Better get onto that.

"Good things come slow - especially in distance running." - Bill Dellinger, Oregon coach


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