What's Important

Following my recent training review it is clear I need to consider what are the most important elements of training. Again working off the back of the article The Year Round Athlete I present what I believe to be the most highlights of the article.

• Make the most of each day, and in turn, each year.

• Break it down into sizeable chunks.

• Learn the value of consistency across the year, and the compounding benefits of continuous development.

• Rest is a relative term

• Maintain balance between family, work, health, social, sport and so on.

• They can switch "on" and "off" on demand.

• Be inspired by your own goals and dreams.

The process is progressing, bringing me closer to putting together a better training package. An extra element I need to add to the mix is accountability. The accountability is to myself and not others. Part of being true to myself and making the right things count.

The end result of this initial process will be my Training Document.


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