Pre-Race Thoughts

With the change in training, and the problems with pacing my last half marathon, it is probably a good idea to have a bit of think about how I should race tomorrow.

I'm working from the following points about my fitness:
  • I have the ability to run around 3:50/km and it feel comfortable
  • I don't have the ability to sustain this beyond anything over 8km
  • My threshold speeds are probably still the same, but I have lost the ability to hold it for extended periods

Therefore I will try to give myself a reasonable margin for error. The resulting time could be anything.

The plan:

  • Run out comfortable at the start and find a rhythm, but keep the pace slower than 4:05/km.
  • Check HR versus pace versus feel, between 5-10km and adjust pace gradually.
  • Maintain this through to 15km.
  • After 15km is anybody's guess at this stage.


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